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Poster: guyzilla Date: Oct 7, 2009 12:54pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: COPYRIGHT ALERT

You could very well be right, billbarstad, the same thought has crossed my mind, but I had to try. I'm still hoping things will get back to where they were when I discovered this site about eight months ago. The fact is, as goofed up as things are right now, I'm as hooked on the Archive as I was when I started, and it's not just becuase of all the movies but mostly due to talking with guys like you. In my "real" life I don't really get to hang out with other movie junkies like this. If they're around, I haven't met too many of 'em. In fact my wife of ten years is just starting to show some interest in this sort of thing and now that she's given it a chance she really seems to be getting into it. And that brings me back to what I'm concerned about. I've visited other sites where the focus was on PD films and the guys running the sites started letting their guard down and not doing anything when copyrighted material started showing up. Those sites are gone now and from what I see the Archive is starting to fall into the same pattern. I don't know what exactly staff is doing right now, but whatever it is I hope they get it together soon because from what I saw, there's even more copyrighted material coming in as I write this. I was able to find in Open Source, without really trying, episodes of "Heroes", "90210", and "Smallville" as well as recent films such as "Year One", "G.I. Joe", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", and a lot of others that don't belong here. I'll bet you could go to the "this just in" box and find even more now! But you are right, staff has to be the ones to deal with this and I've done what I can. Maybe if they they get enough e-mails it will get their attention and they'll get a move on. I can only hope they don't blow this off. Meanwhile, there's till a lot of neat stuff here and I intend to download as much as I can!